Here's What Ke$ha Would Like If $he Were Made Of Bread


Well folks we've either reached the end of the Internet or we've reached some kind of sparkling new cultural dawn. Or both, or neither. But what we have done is found an amazing Tumbrl that takes your favorite stars, Photoshops their faces into various forms of bread and gives them funny, bread-related names. It's called BreadPeople and it is amazing.

Above you see Kni$ha, which is obviously the bread version of Ke$ha. It's pretty brilliant as well as incredibly disturbing.

And this is Thom Yorke as Thom Yorkeshire Pudding. Man, that kind of looks like it could be a still from a Radiohead video, doesn't it? Other bread people include Mr. Tea Biscuit (Mr. T), Bun Jovi (Jon Bon Jovi) and Stevie Wonder Bread (duh). It really needs to be seen to be believed.

+ Check out for your celeb carb fix.