Video Premiere: B.o.B, 'Don't Let Me Fall'

B.o.B's world gets turned upside down, literally, in his new "Don't Let Me Fall" video, which feels like it picks up right where "Airplanes" left off. "Airplanes" is about loneliness, isolation and the need to feel connection. "Don't Let Me Fall" sees B.o.B confronting the emotions and changes of his turbo-charged career, looking back at his huge 2010 and the success of B.o.B Presents: The Adventures Of Bobby Ray, and grappling with his grip on his newfound fame.

In his "Don't Let Me Fall" video, we see B.o.B both on an everyday city street and in the striking scenery of Red Rocks in Colorado, where he takes in the peaks and valleys of his surroundings and the ground beneath him literally shifts--along with his perspective, as he finds something to lean on for support with his fame growing.

It's a striking, honest and hopeful look at an artist unafraid to take an honest look at himself.

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