New Video: Paramore, 'Playing God'

(Credit: Getty Images)

She may look innocent, but Paramore's Hayley Williams is hiding a dirty, little secret--actually she's hiding the rest of Paramore underneath her house in the group's new video, for the song "Playing God." Hayley also goes on to poison her friends at lunch à la Lady Gaga and Beyoncé in "Telephone." It's always the quiet ones...

Shot entirely in Hayley Williams' Franklin, Tenn., home, "Playing God" begins with the singer looking solemn in a car, rummaging through old photos. After she visits her band in the crawl space underneath her house (you know, no big deal), a housewife-looking Hayley prepares a lovely lunch for a group of friends. And by "lovely" I mean "poison in your lemonade." At the end of the video, it looks like Hayley. Williams sees the error of her ways and decides to release the band after she unties them, but just kidding! She leaves the rest of Paramore under her house forever.

While on the surface "Playing God" might be a fun video about hostages and deadly meals, "Playing God" is actually an interesting take on Paramore and their trials and tribulations of remaining a band. "Playing God" isn't exactly about kissing and making up, but thankfully for us, it definitely seems like Paramore is on more stable ground than they once were.

+ Check out Paramore's "Playing God" video.