POSTED: A Day To Remember's Jeremy McKinnon Blogs From The Road

(Credit: Circe Baumgartner/MTV)

With their new album What Separates Me From You, out now, A Day To Remember is already out on the road, touring behind the record, preaching their screamo gospel to fans everywhere. Lead singer Jeremy McKinnon was nice enough to write a guest tour blog for us, detailing life on the road. Check out the entry below and be sure to watch A Day To Remember's tour videos, "Right Where You Want Me To Be" video and the group's cover of Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone," after Jeremy's post! And get more A Day To Remember at

Hello all, I'm writing tonight from Albany, N.Y. Today was the sixth show of our tour with Close Your Eyes, The Word Alive, and Underoath. It started snowing this morning almost as soon as I woke up.

Our band is from Florida, so it's always pretty awesome for us when we see snow--at least for the first few days. Tonight we decided that our set hasn't felt long enough the last few shows, so we added another two songs to our already 17-song set, making tonight the longest we've ever played during a headline show. We played a few songs that we never play, the main one being "Holding It Down For The Underground." It went over really well, so we're more than likely gonna add it for the rest of the tour.

Next stop is Poughkeepsie. I'm always really excited about any shows in the Northeast, because it's one of our favorite areas in the country. Even though the shows have been awesome, I'm still super anxious mainly because our new record comes out in about a week. I call the time in between a record being turned in and being released "limbo," and it's killing me!

Before we left, we filmed our portion of our new music video for "All I Want." One of our own, Drew Russ, is directing the video. He's the mastermind behind all videos of us that people find funny. We're also getting a lot of our friends involved with the video as well, so I'm actually more excited about this one than I've ever been.

Make sure to check it out. In closing, I just asked Shelnutt to grab me a drink, and in so many words he pretty much told me to "F-off." Now I know who my friends are... Check out our new record What Separates Me From You, out on Nov. 16, and I'll see you guys on the road!

-- Jeremy