We HAVE To Say Something About These Shirtless Justin Bieber Pictures

(Credit: Getty Images)

So get this: Justin Bieber recently launched BieberPix.com, a "Justin Bieber Tour Photography" website full of (you guessed it) exclusive Justin Bieber tour pictures. The photo forum features exclusive pictures of Justin, taken by New York photographer/cinematographer Robert Caplin, and all of the photos are available for purchase. Even better, all proceeds from the pictures go to an unnamed charity.

Sounds sweet and innocent, right? A cool, unique thing for fans to enjoy access to photos of Justin Bieber? Yeah, we thought the same thing at first. But we HAVE to say something about a few pictures in the photo gallery...

Justin Bieber is SHIRTLESS. I repeat: Justin Bieber is shirtless. In an OFFICIAL capacity.

Most of the photo gallery consists of pictures of Justin Bieber just bein' Bieber--performing onstage, mugging for the camera, wearing hoodies and riding a Segway(?). But then BOOM, out of nowhere two photos appear of our little Justin WITH NO SHIRT ON. You can even see his underwear in one of them! Awkward!

I don't know, guys. Last time we checked, Justin Bieber was 16 years old. Does this seem a little odd to anyone else? Justin Bieber has been on a bodice-bearing tear, flashing his abs at Rihanna (we can't say we blame him). It's one thing to see a shirtless picture of Justin on the Internet, but it's entirely another to charge $33 for a 24"x36" to hang in your room.

+ What do you guys think? Are we ready to pay for shirtless Justin Bieber?