Buzz Bites (11/16/10): Tokio Hotel To Release Three Best Of Albums

(Credit: Splash News)

+ Tokio Hotel is prepping three (three!) best of albums for a December release: a German language version, an English language version and a double album in German. (Tokio Hotel America)

+ Nicki Minaj's lovely crossover hit, "Your Love," would have never hit the top of the R&B charts if Nicki had anything to do with it. She tells Billboard, "I didn't like the song, and I didn't put it out," she said. "Someone stole it." (MTV News)

+ Check out Katy Perry performing  "Firework" at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards. (That Grape Juice)

+ Cher and Christina Aguilera rocked the red carpet at last night's "Burlesque" premiere. (PopEater)

+ Last night, Jay-Z held a lengthy talk at the New York Public Library about his new book, "Decoded." Here are the four best stories he told. (Vulture)

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