Star Spotting: Taylor Swift Arrives In Tokyo

(Credit: Splash News)

You know if it's a celebrity walking in an airport, it's going to catch our eye. This is a well-documented obsession of ours. And the latest addition to our collection of arrivals and departures paparazzi shots is Taylor Swift, who touched down in Tokyo yesterday (or's hard to tell with the time difference).

Taylor looks about as good as one possibly can after getting off a flight from Los Angeles. The "Mine" singer was hitting up Tokyo to promote her new album, Speak Now. She was just in England, earlier this week, where she performed at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards:

That probably wouldn't have been that comfortable to fly in, right? So Taylor went with a real simple jeans and blouse combo. It's probably a pretty fun time for Taylor in Japan right now; she's got a hit album, she's in all the headlines and, most of all, she'll get to brush up on the conversational Japanese she picked up last time she was in the country (at least that's what she told David Letterman).

Li shigoto, girl (that means "nice job") (according to Google).