Rihanna Performs 'What's My Name?' On MTV's 'The Seven,' Live In Times Square

(Credit: Scott Gries/ MTV)

Some artists have a big private party with one of those super-fancy cakes in the shape of records to celebrate their album releases. But not Rihanna. To celebrate tomorrow's release of her Loud album, Rihanna shut down Times Square today for a live performance of "What's My Name?" on MTV's "The Seven."

Wearing a busy tribal print jacket, a black bustier and um, no pants--just a pair of beige and yellow bottoms and black tights--Rihanna brightened up Times Square (which isn't easy to do), wearing stacks of bangles and revealing superslick, pin-straight red hair, all referencing the crazy, carefree eclectic outfit she wears in the "What's My Name?" video.

Strutting across the Times Square stage as helicopters circled overhead and fans celebrated like it was New Year's Eve, Rihanna sounded pitch-perfect and managed to pull off a sexy swagger that alternated between aggressive, coy and sensual. She certainly wasn't the only girl in Times Square, but she certainly looked like she was having the most fun.