Watch Matt And Kim's 'Live In NYC' Performance

(Credit: Scott Gries/MTV)

For the Brooklyn power-indie-pop duo Matt and Kim, home is wherever they happen to park their tour bus. The truth of the matter is that they actually live in Brooklyn, in an "8-foot wide railroad apartment," but, to hear the band tell it, their tour bus has more of the comforts of home (cable TV!) than their actual home does.

That's because they are constantly touring, playing shows for nine months of the year. All that road-testing pays off in these fantastic live videos from the Matt And Kim "Live In NYC" concert.

These full-length video performances capture the barely controlled chaos of a Matt and Kim live show, as the band races through tracks like "Grand" "Cinders," "Yea Yeah," "Daylight" and more.

You can also watch some charming interview clips with Matt And Kim where they discuss their road warrior lifestyle, their songwriting process and an incredible anecdote about a very strange interaction with Erykah Badu.

Check out Matt and Kim's "Live In NYC" performance, plus watch Matt and Kim over yonder to watch the interviews and complete the experience by peeping these awesome photos from the 'Live In NYC' show.