Video Premiere, The Ready Set, 'More Than Alive'

The Ready Set's "More Than Alive" video, off of the group's I'm Alive, I'm Dreaming debut album, picks up where the "Love Like Woe" video left off, complete with time shifting and eerie potentially nonhuman entities with slightly alarming neon-lit eyes.

Where "Love Like Woe" took place at some manner of haunted summer camp, The Ready Set's "More Than Alive" video moves the party indoors, to what looks like Jordan's house. We find a sleeping Jordan Witzigreuter, who wakes up and opens the door to his bedroom to find a girl who's ready to party--she has good hair but not as good as his. The girl leads him into a party filled with dancing, silly string and sucker punches. And that's when things start to get even weirder.

Time, space, speed and perspective are all not what they seem in The Ready Set's "More Than Alive" video, where doors that lead directly to the dark streets--and a species of electro-people with C3PO eyes--wait in the shadows. And it seems like Jordan has become one of them and is struggling with his new identity. (It's kind of like "Twilight" without all the angst.)

The Ready Set's "More Than Alive" video is one of those classic "it was all just a dream... or was it?" situations (or one of those nights where you take cold medicine and have really really weird dreams), and it's open for many interpretations. What's yours?

+ Watch The Ready Set's "More Than Alive" video.