Video Sneak Peek: 30 Seconds To Mars, 'Hurricane'

30 Seconds To Mars have a lot to live up to with their video for "Hurricane." With their last video, "Closer To The Edge," the band took a huge, cinematic leap forward. With hundreds of members of The Echelon featured, stunning globe-trotting cinematography employed and breathtaking performance footage captured, "Closer To The Edge" has made it official that every subsequent 30STM video will be an event. So with each release now, they're going to have to come with something special.

Frontman Jared Leto had told MTV News that the clip would be "a surrealistic nightmare dream-fantasy through the desolate empty streets of New York City at night." And, with this brief sneak peek of the "Hurricane" video, all I can say is it looks like that mission will surely be accomplished.

Via rapid jump cuts, we see the following: gorgeous cityscapes, some freaky-deaky S&M masks, a half-naked Jared Leto (who looks like he's been putting at least 10 minutes into the whole six-minute abs thing), Shannon Leto riding around on a motorcycle, some Lady Gaga-esque women in PVC nun habits, some more freaky deaky S&M action, a bunch of religious imagery, some cockroaches and, of course, more near-naked Jared.

Whew! And that's JUST a 30-second sneak peek! The only thing that could make us more excited to see "Hurricane" is if it featured a Kanye West cameo, like their live performance of the song at the MTV EMAs did. But based on what we've seen, we won't be complaining.

Check out the video sneak peek of 30 Seconds To Mars' "Hurricane," below.