10 Things To Know Now: Taylor Momsen As A 3-Year-Old, Ninth-Grade Ke$ha, Will Smith Whips His Hair!

Here are 10 Internet music, movie and pop culture MUSTS you need to read/see/watch this week!

1.) We finally know why Taylor Momsen seems so mad all the time--The Pretty Reckless singer starred in a wholesome Shake 'N Bake commercial as a 3-year-old back in 1997! Nothing says "misery" and "heartache" like chicken legs coated in a seasoned bread crumb mixture. (Buzzfeed)

2.) Consider the olive branch extended, y'all. George W. Bush and Kanye West hugged and made up after that whole awkward racism thing. OK, not really, but they did on "Saturday Night Live," and Jay Pharoah as Kanye killed it. (HuffPo)

3.) Speaking of presidents, Bill Clinton (remember him?) will make a cameo in the sure-to-be-inappropriate sequel to "The Hangover," "Hangover 2." He'll be starring as himself. Once the leader of the free world, now cracking genitalia jokes with Zach Galifianakis. Fair trade. (People)

4.) I see London, I see France, I see...Ke$ha's ninth-grade yearbook picture! And before we go throwing stones, let us not forget about the tragedies that are many of our own ninth-grade yearbook pictures. (But seriously, no sports team T-shirts on picture day.) (BuzzFeed)

5.) In "Things That Make You Feel Like A Lazy Bum" news, Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn reveals that he's currently recording a new album entirely on his iPad. And you thought you were breaking ground by mastering the art of the mass text message.  (Spinner)

6.) It's a big week for Gleeks--actress-turned-country music singer Gwyneth Paltrow makes her "Glee" debut this Tuesday. She'll be playing substitute teacher Holly Holiday and singing Cee-Lo's safe-for-primetime-television version of his song "F*** You," (retitled "Forget You"). Oh, how I wish the FCC would let the f-bomb slide, just this once. (EW)

7.) Free music alert! Indie DJ Girl Talk's new album All Day is available in full to download free of charge. I repeat, zero dollars and free cents. Hope your dancing pants are clean. (TDW)

8.) In what's sure to be one of many "leaked" songs off of his upcoming posthumous album, Michael, Michael Jackson's duet with Akon titled "Hold My Hand" recently hit the internet. Sounds a lot more Akon than it does MJ. (NY Mag)

9.) Congratulations, Jessica Simpson! The "My Only Wish" singer got engaged to football player Eric Johnson just days after her ex-husband and "Newlyweds" costar Nick Lachey popped the question to his longtime girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo. Let the bride wars begin! (MTV)

10.) In eerie foreshadowing-of-the-day, Will Smith does like his daughter Willow Smith thanks to the powers of YouTube and whips his hair back and forth during a scene from his Fresh Prince days. The whipping and music match up perfectly. Weeeeird. (BuzzFeed)