New Video: Rihanna, Featuring Drake, 'What's My Name?'

(Credit: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

Here we have the video for Rihanna and Drake's "What's My Name?," a soft, skipping piece of island pop from Rihanna's upcoming Loud album. It's been documented that Rihanna and Drake had a short-lived romantic relationship, or some kind of relationship. One that didn't work out too great for Drizzy. So the "What's My Name?" video, which finds the two really enjoying each other's company, is something of a fantasy.

It's also a fantasy because I would be willing to bet that neither Rihanna nor Drake has been in a New York City bodega (or deli, for you non-New Yorkers) in quite some time. But that's where the action starts, as Drake sees Rihanna checking out some frozen foods.

The video is sort of impressionistic. Following a brief food-shopping courtship, the duo is seen being romantic and eating noodles, as footage of Rihanna pacing the streets like a supermodel is woven between their coupling. Honestly, it's all pretty tame and romantic.

Rihanna's Loud album comes out tomorrow, Nov. 16.

+ Watch Rihanna "What's My Name?" video, featuring Drake.