Star Spotting: Ke$ha Is The Best At Looking Like Ke$ha

(Credit: Splash News)

Last week we posted a picture of a fresh-faced Ke$ha, enjoying some downtime among the legendary waves of Sydney, Australia's Bondi Beach. Well, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction (that's either Einstein or one of 50 Cent's laws of power), so naturally, we now have a picture of Ke$ha looking like, well, Ke$ha.

Ripped T-shirt with an ironic slogan of some sort on it? Check. Hair that looks oh so perfectly like she just stepped out of the salon (six weeks ago)? Check. American flag daisy dukes? Check. Ripped stockings? Why not! Checkity check.

As an added bonus, Ke$ha, who was appearing at a promo concert for 250 lucky Aussies, threw on some shocking blue lipstick. And while our first reaction was, "someone just went buckwild on a blueberry snow cone," we wouldn't be surprised if blue becomes the new big lipstick color.

Ke$ha's new mini-album, Cannibal is out Nov. 22.