We HAVE To Say Something About What A TOTAL Badass JC Chasez Is

Singer JC Chasez has made a triumphant return to the buzz of the nation. He displayed a stunning act of BADASSERY yesterday after a burglar attempted to break into his Hollywood Hills home. Crazily enough, it was reported that this all went down while JC was even Chez Chasez.

The story: Apparently, JC Chasez called 911 after someone tried to break a window in the home in an apparent attempt to get inside the house. JC then heard the noise, approached the perp and proceeded to blow him up not with his love but with his words. Reportedly, the subject then swiftly fled the scene. Unfortunately the suspect got away.

Go JC! We think it's rad that you were all "Oh no, HELL no. You're not going to get *NSYNC with MY valuables." Your transition from boy-bander to full-on crime-averting badass is totally commendable. We're totally calling you next time we sense a crime teetering dangerously on the precipice of being committed. You're certainly not blasé when it comes to uninvited guests at Casa Chasez. (OK, we'll stop with the JC Chasez puns.)

What do you think about JC's heroic display of self-defense? Tell us in the comments.