This Cat Dressed Like Lady Gaga Makes Us Even Happier That It's Cat Week!

(Credit: Buzznet)

Despite what you hear about the Internet "changing the face of education" or "connecting people across the world," (Pshh!) the true power of the internet lies in cat pictures. Hilarious, ridiculous, nonsensical cat pictures.

This is Ginny Weasly, a little kitty who belongs to one of our friends over at Buzznet, where it is currently...wait for it...CAT WEEK! Ginny Weasly, thanks to the power of some elementary Photoshop skills and a little bit of imagination, is dressed as Lady Gaga--hair bow, lightning eye, (foot cast?) and all. Guys, this is real-deal internet nerd action right here.

Speaking of internet nerd action, let's make this Kitty Gaga famous, STAT. As we mentioned earlier, the band Holy F*** is running one of the best contests of all time: Take a picture of your cat watching their cat-filled music video for "Red Lights" (watch it below), get the most votes and win a bunch of stuff.

Cats FTW, but in case you're Team Dog, here are some dogs dressed as Lady Gaga.