The 10 Most Unbelievable Things Courtney Love Said In Her New York Times Interview

(Credit: Getty Images)

From fighting with Madonna to a Golden Globe nomination to tweeting half-naked pictures of herself, no one knows what Courtney Love is going to say or do next. Mrs. Kurt Cobain recently sat down with The New York Times for an interview that is being described as "wild" and "amazing." To put it mildly.

The Hole frontwoman seemed to have some trouble focusing during the interview, which centers around Courtney's struggle to become more respected in the media. That struggle might have something to do with the fact that Ms. Love met The New York Times reporter in her hotel room late, drunk, and naked. Then she made the reporter help her put her shoes on... while naked.

Love her or hate her, there's no denying that Courtney Love is a wellspring of some of the most memorable quotes this side of Kanye West's Twitter feed. Here are 10 of Courtney Love's most notable quotes from her New York Times profile.

1.) To be honest, I just don't care" -- Courtney Love, on her public verbal feuds with the likes of Taylor Momsen, Robert Pattinson, and former flame Billy Corgan.

2.)"I'd like to be trusted again, like I was at one point" -- Courtney Love, referring to the time period when she was nominated for a Golden Globe for "The People vs. Larry Flint."

3.) "Living in LA had a really bad effect on me" -- Courtney Love, on her substance abuse.

4.)"I know that my daughter will come around and stop with this stuff" -- Courtney Love, on her daughter, Francis Bean, who was legally emancipated in 2009.

5.) "I was taking it like a man" -- Courtney Love, on not being able to get dresses from fashion designers in fear that she would tarnish their names.

6.) "For years, despite having impeccable taste, I didn't understand how to convey that I had impeccable taste" -- Courtney Love, on her reputation.

7.) "I will never, ever forgive [her] for not being glamorous" -- Courtney Love, on her mother.

8.) "What is the word for the one pill that you took in your life that made you far more conservative and stop cursing so much? I don’t know what that pill was, but somehow someone slipped that in my drink" -- Courtney Love, on becoming more conservative.

9.) "These are my wakeup cupcakes, some anti-depressants, and a cell phone book" -- Sorry, no idea what she's talking about.

10.) "I trust you understand that our hearts can take us all to dark and ill timed places. Warmly, Courtney. xx" -- Courtney Love, in a text message to the reporter a day after the interview, apologizing for her behavior.

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