New Song: Ke$ha, 'Cannibal'

(Credit: Splash News)

Another day, another new track from Ke$ha. The California-via-Na$hville girl is having something of a late-year renaissance, releasing several new tracks over the last week or so that both pay tribute to her chart-topping past, as well as giving some signs of what to expect in the future.

The title track, "Cannibal," is more of the latter. Where "We R Who We R," was a trademark Ke$ha jam, reminiscent of "TiK ToK" and "Your Love Is My Drug," this dark dance track never is a darker, propulsive look from Ke$ha.

Of course, this being Ke$ha, there's still a crazy, addictive chorus, but it is, overall, an interesting new look for the young pop princess, who clearly knows the proper anatomical terminology for one's rear.

Cannibal is out Nov. 22.

+ Listen to Ke$ha's "Cannibal." (NSFW)