We Have To Say Something About Hilary Duff's Big Hair

(Credit: Getty Images)


What's happening here? Walk us through it. We loved the way your hair was looking of late--the color, the texture, the length! And then, you show like THIS to the Lucky Shops VIP Night last night in New York City.

On the one hand, it vaguely reminds us of Hilary Duff's supersleek hair in that 2008 issue of Allure mag when she did that Bonnie and Clyde tribute. We thought she pulled off that blunt cut with aplomb. But we're not used to seeing an updo like this on Hilary. We're also reminded of Drew Barrymore's hair-raising experience at the 2009 Golden Globes. (You know--when she rocked the light blue dress and enormous bouffant.)

Hilary! We think you're SO cute. We're gonna "come clean" with you. Though you're a married woman, you're still only a spry 23! There's no need for matronly hair just yet (or maybe even ever?). And we know you're from Houston, but really? Texas hair? We're all for classic sophistication and glamour, but your big hair is crying out for a follicular time machine. Please, please, please return to supersexy styles for girls in their '20s. We promise they're not "so yesterday."

+ What do you guys think of Hilary Duff's big hair? Yay or nay?