Star Spotting: Lady Gaga In Post-Yoga Bliss

(Credit: Splash News)

Just the other day we posted a Star Spotting, showing Lady Gaga getting bumrushed by London's more aggro paparazzi. So it's nice that today we're able to show her in a much more serene state.

Here we have a blissed-out Lady Gaga, decked out in a purple dress, shiny white platform heels and hater blockers, leaving a two-hour session of Bikram yoga in London. I'm about the least flexible dude you'll ever meet, but even I know that Bikram is no joke. It apparently takes about 90 minutes to run through a class, involving mad poses and stretches. AND IT'S LIKE 17 BAJILLION DEGREES HOT.

It's hard to say if Gaga reached a state of enlightenment or not, but she sure does look a lot more relaxed (and adorable) than the last time we spotted her out in London.