Video: Mayday Parade On Their 'Punk Goes Pop Vol. 3' Cover Of Jason Derulo's 'In My Head'

The other day we posted a pretty sick video of techno-screamo band Breathe Carolina talking about their cover of Jay Sean's "Down," from Fearless Records' Punk Goes Pop Vol. 3. And today we've got an exclusive look at Mayday Parade talking about their take on Jason Derulo's dance track "In My Head," from the same compilation.

The choice of the Jason Derulo track was something of an 11th-hour decision for Mayday Parade. According to lead singer Derek Sanders, the band's used to flying by the seat of their pants. Sanders obviously has respect for the song, calling it "fun" and "super catchy."

Mayday Parade did a much more rock-friendly version of the song, as you'd expect, complete with heavy drumming and gang vocals.

Check out the interview with Mayday Parade's Derek Sanders and the band's cover of Jason Derulo's "In My Head" in the video below, then do a little compare and contrast with Jason Derulo's original video, directly below that. Punk Goes Pop Vol. 3 is out now.