Supervideo: Starring Anna Kendrick And The Music Of LCD Soundsystem

We're used to seeing Anna Kendrick in somewhat buttoned-up roles; Forks High School's straight-laced Jessica in "Twilight," the uptight business woman in "Up In The Air." So it's pretty awesome to see her letting her hair down and stealing the mortal souls of a bunch of L.A. clubgoers in this new video, featuring the music of LCD Soundsystem.

In the clip, set to the song "Pow Pow," from LCD's amazing This Is Happening album, Anna Kendrick--accompanied by a lawyer-type and two burly dudes in overalls--rolls through the city at night looking for the "souls of wicked men."

We see scenes of her lawyer negotiating and Anna zapping these guys (who, we must point out don't seem to be wicked as much as they seem to like to get bottle service) and taking their souls.

The supervideo, directed by acclaimed screenwriter and director David Ayer, is beautifully filmed, has a great soundtrack ("pow!") and features a pretty startling turn from a glammed-up Anna Kendrick.

+ Watch Anna Kendrick in a supervideo featuring LCD Soundsystem's "Pow Pow."