Video Interview: Jesse McCartney On His New Album, Dream Street & Cee-Lo's 'F*** You'

(Credit: Getty Images)

Fans have been waiting anxiously to hear Jesse McCartney's new album, Have It All, due out January 2011. While the record isn't ready just yet, Jesse recently sat down with MTV for an exclusive Buzzworthy Q&A to discuss the direction of his new record, how it compares to his past albums and what else has been keeping him busy.

After his 2006 release Right Where You Want Me, Jesse McCartney left his pop-rock endeavors behind and headed in a different direction with his 2008 album Departure, a more piano-heavy, R&B record. On his upcoming Have It All, the "Leavin'" singer is headed in yet another direction, delving deeper into a more urban, beat-driven sound. Jesse chose the first single "Shake" to "bridge the gap" from the last album to this one.

While some former boy band-ers are a bit "forgetful" about how they got their start, Jesse, being the nice guy that he is, reveals he's still friendly with his old Dream Street members.  And when he's not busy taking home first prize at Leonardo DiCaprio Look-Alike contests (Come on! It's uncanny!), Jesse's obsessing over the same song we are at the moment --Cee-Lo's "F*** You." Nice choice.

+ Watch Jesse McCartney's Buzzworthy Q&A below!

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