New Song: Amy Winehouse, 'It's My Party'

(Credit: Splash News)

I'm almost scared to actually write about Amy Winehouse's new song, or the fact that she's apparently gotten it together in her life. According to British media, she's "looking and sounding great." Amy Winehouse comebacks are like no-hitters in baseball: You're not supposed to talk about it lest you jinx it!

Well, throwing caution to the wind, let's chat about this new Amy Winehouse song anyway. It's a cover of Lesley Gore's classic "It's My Party." It was produced by Amy's old collaborator Mark Ronson (the man behind "Rehab") and will be featured on an upcoming album by legendary producer Quincy Jones, Q: Soul Bossa Nostra.

Behind a gorgeous big band arrangement, Amy Winehouse owns this track. Sad, brassy and in glorious voice, which, admittedly, has developed a bit of scratchiness since her Back To Black days, it's the perfect song for Amy Winehouse, and she renders it about as well as anyone possibly could.

Check out Amy Winehouse's Mark Ronson-produced cover of "It's My Party," below. Quincy Jones' Q: Soul Bossa Nostra is due out Nov. 9.

+ Listen to Amy Winehouse's "It's My Party."