Video Premiere: Kid Rock, 'Born Free'

Kid Rock's eighth album, Born Free, (Nov. 16) from which the eponymous single is taken, features collaborations with T.I., Sheryl Crow, Bob Seger, Martina McBride and Zac Brown. But Kid Rock's "Born Free" video is all Kid Rock. Kid Rock and America.

While Kid Rock's got major Motor City pride, "Born Free" is an open letter to the world, and it's a love letter to America. Kid Rock's more than a Michigander. He's a born patriot. "Born Free" is Kid Rock's "God Bless the USA." It's "Born In The U.S.A." 2.0. And it's a patriotic powerhouse, and the accompanying video is all sweeping shots of aerial America. Raging rapids, craggy cliffs, open roads, green farm lands, picturesque peninsulas, blustery beaches and solo scenes.

Directed by Marc Klasfeld, Kid Rock's "Born Free" video is everything there is to love about nonurban America, and everything there is to love about Kid Rock's love of America, from the signature hat and fringed jacket to the vintage cars and motorcycles.

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