Star Spotting: Is That Taylor Momsen Or Lady Gaga Walking Her Dog?

(Credit: Splash News)

This year, for Halloween, Taylor Momsen went as a goth hobo. Or is that Lady Gaga? The hair threw us! Oh, it's not Halloween anymore? Sorry, this year, when she went out for Mexican food in Los Angeles with her very small dog, Taylor Momsen went as a goth hobo. There: all fixed. T

Above we see Taylor Momsen, who pulls double duty as a star on "Gossip Girl" and a singer for the alt-rock band The Pretty Reckless, exiting El Compadre Restaurant. Momsen's got a little compadre of her own there, in the form of a rather petrified-looking poodle.

You'd be scared, too, if your owner suddenly started dressing like the fortune-teller from "Drag Me To Hell."

The more I think about it, though, I got nothing but respect for this. Momsen has caught a lot of flack for being scantily clad, or toting guns recently. So she threw the criticism back in people's faces, covering up like crazy in a long dress, jacket, hat and sunglasses.