POSTED: A Day To Remember Lose Power, Steal Donuts

(Credit: Circe Baumgartner/MTV)

All month A Day To Remember are being featured on MTV's Posted. What does that mean? Well, it means they 1.) rule and 2.) will be sending us tons of videos, photos, tweets, blog updates and more at

Today, we have two awesome videos featuring the Florida band. In the first clip we see an honest-to-goodness inspiring moment of fan power. And we do mean "power." When the electricity goes off at a Switzerland show, A Day To Remember's Swiss fans continue the jam with a sing-along version of "I'm Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?"

In the second clip, it's time to steal the donuts. On a tour stop in Manchester, England, A Day To Remember find themselves longing for a taste of chocolate-glazed America. Unable to help themselves, they pull an unarmed robbery on a table of Krispy Kremes. Hey, don't judge. You know you'd do the same.

Check out two A Day To Remember videos below and head over to for more A Day To Remember than you can possibly handle.