New Video: Mariah Carey, 'Oh Santa!'

(Credit: Getty Images)

Like it or not, Snuggie season is upon us. If you're not quite in the mood to be decking the halls or roasting chestnuts over an open fire just yet, Mariah Carey's new video for "Oh Santa!" from her upcoming second holiday album Merry Christmas II You is already here to remind us that there are only 52 shopping days left.  Hop to it!

In the video, Mariah (dressed as a sassy Mrs. Claus in a very short red skirt) leads a retro-style Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, complete with doo-wop backup dancers, a vintage voice-over and little holiday cheerleaders in saddle shoes. Of course it wouldn't be a Mariah Carey video without some glitz and glam so the stage and backdrop are covered in (what else?) glitter. Mariah puts on a great show and sings her heart out with that famous eight-octave range, but after all that Santa only gives her a sucker. WTH?

Scrooges need not apply--"Oh Santa!" is fun and festive and has you longing for a sip of eggnog, even if you're still picking the Halloween candy out of your teeth.

+ Watch Mariah Carey's "Oh Santa!" video.