New Song: Rihanna, Featuring Eminem, 'Love The Way You Lie (Part II)'

(Credit: Getty Images)

There's two sides to every story. "Love The Way You Lie," Eminem and Rihanna's sweeping and sad account of an abusive relationship told one manic, pained side of a tale, largely from Em's raging character's perspective. Now Eminem and Rihanna reunite for "Love The Way You Lie (Part II)," and Rihanna gets her say.

This shouldn't work. The original was such an unexpected, vulnerable, scary and moving track; you'd think the magic couldn't be recaptured. But over some longing piano lines, Rihanna plaintively tells her side of things. And when she sings, "You'll always be my hero, even though you've lost your mind," it's just as captivating as part one.

Eminem's uncharacteristically restrained verse talks about the quiet after the storm, "laying in the wake of destruction." But for this doomed couple, there's really no peace, is there?

Round of applause for these two for handling a delicate subject with feeling and artistry. Rihanna and Eminem's "Love The Way You Lie (Part II)" is off of Rihanna's upcoming Loud album, due out Nov. 16.

+ Listen to Rihanna and Eminem's "Love The Way You Lie (Part II)."