We HAVE To Say Something About Justin Bieber's Nerd Glasses

(Credit: Getty Images)

It's time we discuss the elephant in the room that is Justin Bieber's now ever-present black, thick nerd glasses. At first it was just an innocent game of dress-up. And we thought, "Oh cute, look at Justin Bieber hopping on the bandwagon." Justin Timberlake did it. Jay-Z did it. Kanye West's done it. But now Justin's showing up everywhere in them, and things are getting out of hand. Where did our affable young glasses-free Justin Bieber go?

Nerd glasses were once an obligatory accessory reserved for geeks and kids that got picked last in gym class. But these days with celebs like Joe Jonas leaving their contact lenses at home, nerd glasses are the specs to have. They've even made their way onto the face of your own dad (or is that just my dad?). Point is, nerd glasses are hot right now, so it's easy to see why Justin Bieber had to get his hands on a pair of his own. But some very important issues need to be addressed, and we're here to ask the hard-hitting questions!

First and foremost: Are Justin's glasses prescription? A hotly debated subject among the nerd glasses-wearing set, purists claim they need to be prescription, while trendsetters are trying to convince us that nerd glasses are for everyone. Is Justin faking it?

Also, is this the best pair of nerd glasses for Justin's face?  I think they look a little big for him. He's not even done growing yet--maybe he can scale down an inch or two.

What do you think? How does Justin Bieber look in nerd glasses? Older? Younger? Better or worse? Should Justin Bieber try a different pair, or get rid of them altogether? YOU decide!