New Video: Pink, 'Raise Your Glass'

Where Pink goes usually a party follows. And her brand-new video, "Raise Your Glass," (watch it below!) is an all-out badass bash.

Pink's brand-new "Raise Your Glass" video has energy, it's ridiculously fun and funny--if feeding a calf human breast milk whilst singing "Why so serious?" isn't irreverent, then what is?--and it's packed with enough symbolism and references to please a college literature professor for a week.

Pink's "Raise Your Glass" video includes such imagery as:

+ Pink channeling Rosie the Riveter.

+ A "Mean Girls"-ish cafeteria scene featuring a plus-size girl between two cardboard cutouts of skinny gals lunching.

+ Pink switching roles with the bull in a bullfight.

+ Two men kissing at a wedding at which Pink is performing.

+ Pink as a skater.

+ Feeding a calf milk with a bottle in a ski mask, looking very Insane Clown Posse.

+ A '50s style high school dance that looks more than a little similar to "Back to the Future"'s Enchantment Under The Sea Dance.

+ Is that the African Anteater Ritual from "Can't Buy Me Love"?

+ Pink waking up in bed with a rabbi and other various and sundry religious figures.

+ Quadrants of faces morphing together, reflecting shades of Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" video.

"Raise Your Glass" is a celebration of the underdog and creates a world where everyone's invited to the party. "Raise Your Glass" is the lead single from the forthcoming Greatest Hits...So Far!!! album set for release on Nov. 16. The ultimate Pink fan collection contains two new songs (including "Raise Your Glass"), both produced by Max Martin and cowritten by Pink.

In concert, the seemingly unrelated scenes make a paen to irreverently effervescent fun, strength and irony. Three things rarely associated, but each in its own right is unabashedly sassy and therefore, unabashedly Pink.

What do you think of Pink's "Raise Your Glass" video?

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