New Video: Rock Mafia, Featuring Miley Cyrus, 'The Big Bang'

(Credit: Splash News)

Last week we hipped you to the song "The Big Bang" from the production team Rock Mafia, who are responsible for much of the new, sultry and edgy material from Miley Cyrus.

By way of repaying the favor, Miley stars in Rock Mafia's new video, "The Big Bang." Or forget favors. Maybe Miley just likes making bedroom eyes at "Gossip Girl"'s Kevin Zegers, who costars in the clip, since that's what Miley seems to be preoccupied with doing at the beginning of the video.

"The Big Bang" is a sultry, modern honky-tonk jam, with big looped drums and guitars with a sprinkling of country twang to them. In the video, we've got some spectral romance, some ghost Miley running around L.A., some car accidents and a lot of romance. Almost like a little psychological thriller built into a music video.

Check out Rock Mafia's Miley Cyrus-starring video for "The Big Bang" below.

+ Watch Rock Mafia's "The Big Bang" video.