New Video: The Pretty Reckless, 'Just Tonight'

(Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

In their video for "Just Tonight," Taylor Momsen reminds us that she's still on her quest to prove that it's just not a Pretty Reckless video if there isn't copious amounts of dark eye makeup, revealing skintight dresses and tons of brooding looks into the camera.

"Just Tonight" features a dejected-looking Taylor Momsen leading The Pretty Reckless in a slow jam session on a candlelit stage. In between rocking out, Taylor takes turns walking up staircases that lead to nowhere (SYMBOLISM!) and painting a sad picture with sad roses dipped in sad paint. (SADNESS!) Things take a turn for the worse for Lil' J when she pricks her finger on a rose and begins to cry blood. (GROSS!)

Despite the fact that the "Just Tonight" video is a tad heavy-handed with the romantic goth/crying blood theme, we're not hating. Taylor Momsen can actually sing and really well at that. Being mad/sad is Taylor's thing, and sometimes you just have to stick with what works.

+ Watch The Pretty Reckless' "Just Tonight" video.