Star Spotting: The Many Faces Of Ke$ha

(Credit: Splash News)

It may look easy when you watch videos such as "TiK ToK" and "Your Love Is My Drug," but don't get it twisted: It's hard work being Ke$ha. All those various snarls, smirks and other facial expressions take hard work and practice. And we have evidence of Ke$ha's toil right here.

Above and below you see pictures of Ke$ha filming her new video, likely for the track "We R Who We R." The song is from the bonus mini-album Cannibal, which is being released with the re-issue of her debut album, Animal.

That information is all well and good, but the point of this post is really to give you an opportunity to stare at frozen frames of pure Ke$ha-ness. Frankly, these should be in the Museum of Modern Art or something. What does it all mean? That's for you to decide, art lovers!

Cannibal (and the re-issue of Animal) is out Nov. 22.