Star Spotting: Is Christina Aguilera Wearing A Costume Or Not?

(Credit: Splash News)

Christina Aguilera went out with some friends for Halloween and attended a Halloween party thrown by "Glee"'s Matthew Morrison. One was dressed as Prince from the Purple Rain days, the other was dressed as a woman wearing a nice tweed overcoat and a beret. Christina Aguilera was dressed as Christina Aguilera from about seven years ago.

That's unscientific, and it's also a joke, but like lotsa jokes there's a kernel of seriousness about it. Like, if this photo was from any other night but Halloween, would you really be that surprised? Really?

One of the great things about Christina Aguilera is how she pretty much wears whatever she wants, whenever she wants. This is the kind of costume you used to totally see Christina rocking on the reg.

To celebrate Christina Aguilera and her outfits, check out two classic Xtina videos, "Candyman," where she dresses like a sailor and "Ain't No Other Man," where she gets dolled up like a lady of the Jazz Age, both below. And check out Buzzworthy's Best Of Christina Aguilera photos!