MUST-SEE: Shaq Lip-Synchs To Beyonce In Drag

(Credit: Getty Images/Plixi)

If at some point today you thought, "Man, I'd really love to see Shaquille O'Neal in an SUV dressed as a woman lip-synching Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams," then it's your lucky day. Shaq used this Halloween as an opportunity to display not only an enhanced feminine physique but also his spot on lip-synching skills in one of the best 1 minute and 39 second videos you'll ever see.

Shaq gave his Twitter followers a little preview of his dragalicious costume on Sunday when he tweeted a picture of himself in all of his 7-foot-1-inch glory--dressed as a woman. Donning a bobbed wig, blue eye shadow, and black-and-gray sparkly top, Shaq-turned-Shaqeeta (or Shaquonce?) was quite the sight to see. Moments later, he tweeted the video.

The best part of Shaq's performance of Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams" is not the fact that Shaq is in drag or that Shaq is singing Beyonce in drag but it's how well Shaq sings Beyoncé in drag. He clearly doesn't know all the words, but Shaqeeta really gives it her all. Something tells us Shaq's practiced this routine in the mirror once or twice before.

Many props to the Boston Celtic for letting his inner freak flag fly, but I don't think Shaqeeta's going to be winning any beauty pageants any time soon. As a matter of fact, "turn the lights off."

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