PHOTO: 30 Seconds To Mars Fan Carves Band Into Pumpkins


We are long time admirers of how 30 Seconds To Mars fans--better known as The Echelon-- passionately pay tribute to their favorite band. But this act of carving/decorating genius by a dedicated 30 Seconds To Mars fan takes the cake...or shall we say pumpkin?

The above pumpkins, incredibly carved and manipulated to reflect the faces of Jared, Shannon and Tomo, are the handiwork of one very crafty and creative 30 Seconds To Mars follower who tweets under the name Canuhandleme78.

According to her Twitter feed it took Canuhandleme78 "5 hours per pumpkin," amounting to two full days of work and one abandoned Jared Leto pumpkin, in the process. She worked from a pattern and went about the Halloween hard labor of cutting and carving herself.

Kudos to you, Canuhandleme78. You really win the Echelon Halloween Sweepstakes, if there were such a thing. We tip our caps to you.

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