New Song: Crystal Castles, Featuring Robert Smith Of The Cure, 'Not In Love'

(Credit: Getty Images)

Lots of times you'll see a collaboration track pop up and think to yourself, "Ugh, who thought this up?" Too often the collaboration is really only there to grab headlines, not to make good music. I'm not trying to sound like, "It's all about the music, maaaan," but it's true.

And yes, this collaboration between electro troublemakers Crystal Castles and The Cure frontman Robert Smith certainly grabs your attention. It's New Wave's new wave paying homage to their artistic forefather. But beyond the headline, it's an incredible track.

"Not In Love" is actually a cover of the original by Canadian New Wave band Platinum Blonde. Crystal Castles originally covered the song on their self-titled sophomore album released this past April. The new version, complete with Smith's trademark pained vocals and swaths of My Bloody Valentine-style feedback, will be released as a single this December.

+ Listen to Crystal Castles and Robert Smith's "Not In Love."