10 Things To Know Now: Katy Perry Gets Bull-ied, Nicki Minaj's Tracklist, Snoop Dogg + Sookie Stackhouse

(Credit: Getty Images)

It's time once again for my round-up of 10 things you need to know this week that will, I hope, will help soothe your Halloween candy-induced hangover.

1.) Urlesque shows us how Lady Gaga COULD be costing us 13.3 trillion dollars.

2.) It's election time, and while it's really important that you get out there and vote, it's actually more important that you watch my favorite quasi-patriotic video, Liam Lynch's "United States of Whatever."

3.) Katy Perry and Russell Brand received a bull, as in a boy cow, as a wedding gift. That's what you get for not registering at Bed Bath & Beyond like everyone else. (NY Daily News)

4.) Shy Ronnie, the gun-shy alter ego of Andy Samberg, returned with an epic Bonnie and Clyde-style SNL digital short with musical guest Rihanna this week. You should know about it. (Hulu)

5.) The tracklist for Pink Friday, Nicki Minaj's debut LP, hit the Internuts this weekend and includes collaborations with basically everyone ever: Eminem, Kanye West, Will.i.am, Rihanna and Drake. See the full thing here. (Rolling Stone)

6.) This baby Hasselhoff has chest hair...and, I'm guessing, hits the bottle too much, too. ZING! (Buzzfeed)

7.) I watched the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear from my couch this weekend, and it looked amazing BUT COLD! Good thing The Roots' Black Thought kicked off the festivities wearing a seriously AMAZING jacket. (MTV News)

8.) Snoop Dogg: rapper, actor, Sookie Stackhouse lover and now numerological vampire Muppet.

9.) This painting of a mosh pit looks so real you're not going to actually believe that it's a painting of a mosh pit. (Animal)

10.) Do you like Gorillaz? I do. Some people think they're cartoons, but they're not really cartoons, just people (such as Damon Albarn, once of Blur) who hide behind cartoons. Anyway, they did an amazing 45-minute concert--not as cartoons--for "The Late Show" and you can watch it here. (CBS)