Rihanna And Shy Ronnie Meet Again On 'Saturday Night Live'

(Credit: Getty Images)

For those of you who were too busy getting your Halloween on that you missed Rihanna's skit with Andy Samberg on "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend, allow me to sum it up for you: It was awesome. This past Saturday, Rihanna was the musical guest on "SNL," where she reprised her role as herself next to Andy Samberg's ridiculously timid Shy Ronnie in an "SNL Digital Short" called "Ronnie & Clyde."

Rihanna plays 1930's outlaw Clyde, and Andy as Shy Ronnie, plays her Velcro shoes-wearing accomplice Ronnie. The duo attempt to rob a bank while Rihanna narrates the action (and steals the show) and Shy Ronnie, in his usual fainthearted form, has some trouble overcoming his nerves. Hilarity ensues.

The original Shy Ronnie skit featuring Rihanna and Ronnie in an elementary school was nominated for an Emmy, but we'd have to say that part two might be even better. Where else can you hear Rihanna sing "b*ner alert!" alongside Andy Samberg wearing a skirt? Plus, bonus points for the Jon Hamm cameo.

+ Watch Rihanna and Shy Ronnie in "Ronnie & Clyde" below. (Language NSFW.)