PHOTOS: 9 Celebrities Photoshopped Into Halloween Pumpkins

(Credit: WireImage/Sean Gresens/MTV)

It would take a a ton of patience and a very steady hand to get a real pumpkin looking exactly like some of our favorite celebs. And we're too busy scaring ourselves with celebrity zombies and getting our lazy people's Lady Gaga and Katy Perry costumes ready to be bothered with scooping out the seeds, tacking on the stencil and beginning to carve, only to end up throwing down the carving tools, trashing the pumpkin altogether and playing video games. Or is that just me?

So we had one of our graphic designers here at MTV get us the next best thing--Photoshopped celebrity pumpkins! From Justin Bieber to Willow Smith, some of these gourds are both trick and treat.

(Credit: WireImage/Sean Gresens/MTV)

We can see it now--Spencer Pratt as Ichabod Crane and Heidi Montag as The Headless Horseman.  But I can think of a couple reasons why she might need to get her horseman's cape altered a bit (ahem).

(Credit: WireImage/MTV/Sean Gresens)

The evolution from Snooki to Snooki pumpkin (Snookin?) is a natural one seeing as how the little guidette is already the perfect shade of orange. But it might be hard to find a pumpkin with a pouf growing from the top of it. Wait, does Ed Hardy make pumpkins yet?

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