Justin Bieber And Willow Smith Have An Epic Dance-off!

(Credit: Getty Images)

In a very Step Up (2 or even better, 3-D) move, Justin Bieber and Willow Smith engaged in an epic dance-off on stage during Justin's tour in Los Angeles. Each pop sensation already has their own hair situation for which he/she is famous--Bieber for his brushed-forward bangs and Willow for her wildly popular hair-whipping. Since that's already established, naturally, they had to then figure out who is best dancer between them. So, much to the delight of squealing fans at the Staples Center, Justin Bieber and Willow challenged each other to friendly dance battle using rap group Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How to Dougie."

After watching the video, we're convinced that both the "Whip My Hair" singer AND the "Baby" crooner could pretty much teach a class on how to Dougie, complete with a syllabus. In fact, they'll teach you how to dougie and give YOU a pop-quiz involving critical thinking questions.

For Justin Bieber, this isn't the first Bieber-Smith collaboration. He teamed up with Willow's brother (and Will and Jada's son) Jaden on their "Never Say Never" duet. The duo showcase some impressive shoulder shimmying and some super get-low moves.

Who do you think emerged the victor of this Dougie-ing duel? Sound off in the comments!

+ Watch Justin Bieber and Willow Smith's dance-off.