The Buzz On: We Are The In Crowd

(Credit: Circe Baumgartner/MTV)

If you thought Snooki was the only entertaining thing to come out of Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (no offense, Samuel F. B. Morse, inventor of the telegraph and Morse code), get to know We Are The In Crowd.

Having only formed in 2009, it's pretty impressive that the group was added so quickly to the 2010 Vans Warped Tour roster. And in part, they have a group of hackers to thank. We Are The In Crowd's MySpace page was hacked in April of last year, and all of the band's friends and music were deleted. News of the hacking caught the attention of Hopeless Records, and after hearing what the band was all about, We Are The In Crowd was signed to the label shortly after. I bet those hackers didn't think that far ahead.

We Are The In Crowd's songs are catchy and high energy, and also super fun. Lead singer Taylor Jardine can belt, and we can imagine We Are The In Crowd on a party playlist with the likes of All Time Low and Cartel, who happen to be their current tourmates.

We Are The In Crowd's debut EP, Guaranteed to Disagree, was released in June of this year. Check out We Are the In Crowd's Web site for tour dates.

+ Watch We Are The In Crowd's "Both Sides Of The Story" video below.