The Week In Celebrity Tweets: Justin Bieber Gets Romantic, Britney Loves Willow Smith

(Credit: Getty Images)

BREAKING NEWS: Kanye West tweets with his caps lock turned off! And who knew he was a Conan O'Brien fan? The Twittersphere was full of love this week, from Kanye praising his cohort Jay-Z to Britney Spears declaring herself a Willow Smith fan. Lady Gaga also gives us some insight into that duet with Elton John we're all waiting for, and Pink does what she does best--tells it like it is.

My favorite tweet of the week comes from Justin Bieber, dishing out 16-year-old dating advice that many adult men don't seem to have a handle on. Oh, Biebz. If it wasn't probably illegal for me to hang your picture in my locker, I would.

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LADY GAGA: @ladygaga

Eltoneo + Guliet! Finishing our duet Hello, Hello in studio. Sounding so amazing, some last finishing touches and off to the movies!

PINK: @Pink

What is it about bed bath n beyond that brings out the worst in people?

BRITNEY SPEARS: @britneyspears

Have you guys seen Will Smith's daughter @'s video? SOOOO CUTE!!!! -Brit

KATY PERRY: @katyperry

I am PROUD to present in all its glowing glory: - U have the spark too, now ignite the light...

TAYLOR SWIFT: @taylorswift13

I woke up and realized my album comes out at midnight tonight. Woah. Just.. Woah.

JUSTIN BIEBER: @justinbieber

u know I gotta take care of my girls out there. Treat a woman right fellas. It's about her not u.

KANYE WEST: @kanyewest

Wasn't the world the world suppose to end "in the year 2000" (Conan voice)

KE$HA: @keshasuxx

THANK YOU to my super KICK A$$ fans for taking my newww single "we r who we r" to #1 on itunes; ) U GUYS RULE. this new record is FOR YOU.


excited 4 this weekend N then Nov 2, my book! Some Situational awareness from The Guide to every Situation by the Situation! Sitchnation GTL


Dear Barbz, pls be good while I'm in Trinidad. Have a safe Halloween and Pre-Order Pink Friday on itunes TOMORROW! [Saturday] Luv, HB