Buzz Bites (10/29/10): Demi Lovato Got Engaged?

+ Demi Lovato received a totally unexpected surprise: an engagement ring! A fan in Colombia proposed to her. She posed for what definitely looked like an engagement photo, with the fan on bended knee. Alas, Demi tweeted that her engagement was just a joke. (TheFABlife)

+ Looks like we may be getting closer to seeing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" up on the big screen as a major motion picture. And it may be 3-D! (NME)

+ Eminem will appear on the Nicki Minaj track "Roman's Revenge," off her upcoming Pink Friday album. (MTV News)

+ Here's Courtney Love's cover of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." It's...something. (E! News)

+ Shape magazine apologized to their readers for putting LeAnn Rimes on the cover. It doesn't matter if you have awesome abs if you cheated on your husband. (PopEater)

+ Taylor Swift finally the rumors that she's dating Jake Gyllenhaal. (Just Jared)