New Video: Katy Perry, 'Firework'

Katy Perry's previous videos celebrated lust-filled road trips and demonstrated that with a little careful engineering that one can turn a bra into a whipped cream projectile.

But in her brand-new "Firework" video, Katy Perry takes a joyful yet slightly more serious approach to storytelling. (Sorry--no "melt-your-Popsicle" knowing winks.)

"Firework," filmed in Budapest, takes both a literal and metaphorical look at fireworks. "Firework" opens with a classically dressed Katy Perry on a balcony, in a scene befitting an opera. The video cuts to scenes of a sick child in a hospital and a robust girl at a pool party, afraid to show herself in just a bathing suit.

One of the best elements of "Firework" is the song's soaring, epic crescendo. As the song builds and swells, we see fireworks literally shooting out of Katy Perry's chest. Turns out this is an international epidemic, as the fireworks spread to the child in the hospital, a woman giving birth (to fireworks! It looks painful!), two men who kiss (nice!) and finally to the girl at the pool who strips down and joyously jumps in (in your FACE, Maura Kelly). The video ends with Katy Perry taking to the streets, which are filled with fireworks.

Katy Perry dedicated "Firework" to the "It Gets Better" campaign, and while the song itself is inspirational, the video illuminates the song's hope for bright nights and better days.

+ Watch Katy Perry's "Firework" video.