Twice The Taylor! Taylor Swift Poses With Her Wax Statue!

(Credit: Splash News)

Once upon a time, Taylor and Taylor referred to Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner. But NOW, we can achieve the mathematical equation of Taylor squared every time Taylor Swift visits her new wax likeness at New York City's Madam Tussauds in Times Square.

Yesterday, Taylor Swift herself and a bunch of her fans gathered to celebrate the unveiling of the Speak Now singer's wax replica. But ummmmm, stop the presses. The face looks great, and we appreciate that she wore an identical silver party dress to match Wax Taylor Swift. But the hair just feels wrong! Call us crazy daisy, but doesn't Taylor Swift wear her hair the exact same way approximately 360 days of the year? Except for her quick rendez-vous with straight hair and her wig she wore for a Target photo shoot, Taylor keeps a standard side-part and artfully constructed spirals going on. So why on EARTH has her allegedly nonhuman wax counterpart hair-jacked Jessica Simpson's mane?

Excuse us, we're envisioning a scary hair heist situation inspired by that special moment of Paris Hilton's cinematic genius in House of Wax. Which we may or may not have gone to see in the theater. Don't judge.

What do you think about Taylor Swift's wax figure's hair? Are you into it, outraged or kind of "meh" about the difference? Not to split hairs.

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