Jared Leto Shows You How To Play 'Closer To The Edge,' Invites The Echelon To Make It Your Own

Recently, Jared Leto stopped by MTV here in New York not just for an interview but for a rare opportunity to let his fans in on 30 Seconds To Mars' songwriting process in an exclusive MTV interview series called re:Play.

In this two-part video interview, Jared Leto first discusses his origins and music and confesses that Shannon Leto is the Leto brother with the raw musical talent.

Jared reveals more about the dynamics and history of "Closer To The Edge," its genesis as a slow ballad written on piano and acoustic guitar, and how the song sat in the so-called songwriting trashcan for a year before 30 Seconds To Mars resurrected it and transformed it into the thrill-kill, electronic joyride it became.

But any good Echeloner worth their glyph tat probably knows that. What you might not know is this poignant piece that Jared Leto had to say about playing music for a living. "It's the business of living your dreams... It's the place where's there's an opportunity to say everything and anything that you wish to say."

In his second interview, Jared Leto demonstrates how to play 30 Seconds To Mars' "Closer To The Edge" -- a song he refers to as "simplest song known to man" (easy for him to say) -- and encourages you to "rewrite it work it, make it your own."

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