Video Premiere: Finger Eleven, 'Living In A Dream'

(Credit: Wind-Up Records)

Here's Canadian alt-metal outfit Finger Eleven's new video, "Living in a Dream," off its sixth studio album, Life Turns Electric. There's been a three-year gap in Finger Eleven album activity, as its last album, Them vs. Me vs. You, was released in 2007. So "Living in a Dream" is a welcome video comeback.

The video starts out innocently enough, as we watch Finger Eleven do its rock thing under blue lights on a dark soundstage. But we soon discover that some kind of dreamy love triangle is taking place involving a mysterious blond sporting blue Ke$ha lips and a mysterious brunette wearing black flowers and blue eye shadow. (So much blue! What does it all mean!?)

Lead singer Scott Anderson starts seeing double after getting pummeled by the brunette brandishing a wine bottle. Soon there's two of everybody, and it starts raining shards of light bulbs and/or confetti and/or just regular rain. It's open for interpretation. All we know is another rock star is in trouble with the ladies. Eek. Sounds like a bad dream if you ask me.

Finger Eleven is currently on tour through February 2011. Check Finger Eleven's Twitter for updates.

+ Watch Finger Eleven's "Living in a Dream" video below.