PHOTO: Justin Bieber Unfairly Feminized Via Photoshop! WHY?

How could they DO this to Justin Bieber? And by "they," we mean Portuguese teen mag "Todateen Star." On their latest cover, featured on Celebuzz, they plastered a fiercely feminine version of Justin Bieber looking more like an American Girl doll than like himself.

Spokespeople at "Todateen Star" denied that they used Photoshop to "wind back the clock" of Bieber's facial gifts to the world. "We could not help noticing your comments and tweet from the picture of Justin on the cover of "Todateen Star," the magazine posted on their website (thanks to the The Huffington Post's translation), "We would like to say that there was no change made in the area of the singer's eyes. We had a technical problem that darkens certain areas of the photo." Maybe like his lips? And eyes? He practically looks like Taylor Momsen!

The magazine added, "We also want to say that all of us find Justin very naturally beautiful. We'd never think it's necessary to alter pictures of him. Natural beauty says it all, right?"

Using Photoshop to make someone into a zombie is one thing. But painting Justin Bieber's face as though he were entering a beauty pageant is another.

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